Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if funds are not received within 5 business days?

In case that the deposit amount is not received within 5 business days, contractual relations shall be deemed null and void, with no need of any further notifications and other formalities between the parties. In case the funds are received after the 5th day they shall be returned at the expense of the depositor to his reference account, unless it is agreed that the deposit will be executed despite the delay.

Can I open a deposit online?

Through our innovative platform "Deposits with future" you can open a deposit online. You need to send us a Client/Deposit application form which is subject to approval together with all additional documents in accordance with the applicable General Terms and Conditions of the Bank and Distant Banking Terms and Conditions. After your acceptance as a client, you should transfer the amount that you would you like to deposit.

What happens with my deposit on maturity date?

In case you didn't provide any additional instructions, your deposit will be automatically roll-overed for а term equal to the term of the agreed deposit on standard interest rate and terms applicable as of the date of the renewal.

How and when will be deducted the tax on interest of my deposit?

The tax shall be deducted prior to the payment of the due interest and will be transferred afterwards by the Bank to the National Revenue Agency.

What happens if the funds transferred from my reference account are discrepant from the amount stated in the request for new deposit?

In case the transferred funds are discrepant from the stated deposit amount, you have to send a new request for deposit stating the accurate deposit amount which is transferred.

Can I increase the amount of my deposited funds?

Yes, it is possible. Your personal relationship manager will advise you on the possibility that suits you best – to make a new second deposit or to terminate the existing one and open one new deposit comprising existing funds, accumulated interest and additional transfer.

Can I apply for deposit opening on behalf of another person?

The Client Application Form can be submitted only personally.

What is a reference account?

Reference account is your account in another bank, established and operating in Republic of Bulgaria. Any fund transfers to and from your accounts in BNP Paribas Personal Finance – Bulgaria Branch will be accepted and executed only from and to this reference account. If needed you can change the account.

What are the fees for deposit opening with BNP Paribas Personal Finance – Bulgaria Branch?

The deposit account opening, maintenance and closing is free of charge.

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All client application forms/deposit applications are subject to approval by the Bank and provision of additional documents in accordance to the applicable General Terms and Conditions Bulgaria and Terms and Conditions for Distant Banking.